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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Each of our rooms has been carefully curated to capture themes from Dade City.

locke inn sign 2_edited.jpg


For more pictures of each room, go to Book A Suite

Wardon room 3.jpg
Cell Block 1 2_edited.jpg
Cell Block 2 1.jpg

Wardon Master

Cell Block 1

Cell Block 2

Probably our most popular room!  Furnished with beautiful Antiques!

RR room 1.jpg

Atlantic Coast Line

You might think you are in a fancy train car but when you get into the comfy King know you are at the Locke Inn!

Cell Block 1 and 2 are decorated with fun "I'm in Jail" themes!

kumquat room 3.jpg

Kumquat Master

This Master, has it's own bathroom. Both decorated with fun bright orange, signifying Dade City's Famous Cumquat Festival!

Cell Block 1 and 2 are PERFECT for the Grooms and his Wedding Party!!

Cattle Room 1.jpg

Cattle Ranch Room

This room is warm and inviting, decorated with a lot of Dade City's history!

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